Georgia, 1999

Georgia nestles between Russia, Turkey, Chechnya, Armenia and Azerbaijan putting it right at the border between Europe and Asia.

At its north and south borders you find some impressively large mountains called the Caucus (the Lesser Caucus to the south). We travelled around quite a lot, as you can see, and managed to see Tbilisi, the capital, and some of the beautiful scenery in the north.

But a picture, he said in a cliched manner, paints a thousand words, so on with the photos. I may add a little commentary later, but for now it’s just the pictures.

Click the small pictures below for a full size version. All the full size pictures are optimised for a 1024×768 display and are in 24-bit colour.

[photopress:geof103-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof105-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof106-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof109-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:geof111-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof125-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof113-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof120-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:geof201-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof206-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof208-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof215-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:geof219-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof301-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof312-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:geof409-3.jpg,thumb]

If the pictures have piqued your interest, there are a few web sites that you might want to visit: