Miscellaneous Pictures, 2000

Until now, all the pictures I’ve put here have been based on a theme: the country I was in when I took them. I do take pictures at other times though, and there are often not enough of them to justify a complete page to themselves.

That’s what you’ll find on this page.

There are basically four groups. Firstly there are a few snaps from a quick trip around Durham, in the North-East of England. Then I was briefly in and around Montreal, Canada in May 2000. There are also a couple of pictures taken around Wimbledon during the summer. All these are taken on the Canon Sureshot. At the end you’ll find the highlights of the first roll of film through my EOS (Jessops ISO200). They’re all in and around London.

Click the small pictures below for a full size version.

[photopress:durf101-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:durf102-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:canf101-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:canf107-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:canf110-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:wimf119-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:lonf113-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:lonf111-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:lonf110-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:lonf115-3.jpg,thumb]