All the applications that I have written are available on the Apple App Store under the name Wandle Software Limited.

  • ShareEverywhere. ShareEverywhere uses the new iOS 8 Sharing functionality so you can save links and images from all your favourite apps to a wide variety of services, all using the same, simple interface.
  • Yummy. My full featured client for iPhone and iPod touch. Allows you to browse your bookmarks by date and tag, search and view links in its built-in web browser. You can also add, edit and delete bookmarks and when you’re done with you can send your links to Twitter.
  • Rootn Tootn. Baby feed timer and reminders.
  • www.cut. A small but useful application for iPhone and iPod touch that shortens URLs so that they can be distributed without worrying about character count limits or line breaks.
  • Quick Calendar. Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, shows a small monthly calendar in the Notification Centre.
  • Glider. It’s the Game of Life for Apple TV.

I have a few open source projects available on GitHub.

And my main “waiting for the build” or “waiting for a test to complete” activity at work is Stack Overflow.
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