Over the years I have written and shared a lot of software, some commercial, some open source. 

For over a decade, in my spare time I ran a company called Wandle Software Limited that was the home for all my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV apps. The company has now closed and the apps are no longer available, but for historical reference here is a list of what was available.

  • Yummy. My full featured client for iPhone and iPod touch. Allows you to browse your bookmarks by date and tag, search and view links in its built-in web browser. You can also add, edit and delete bookmarks and when you’re done with you can send your links to Twitter.
  • www.cut. A small but useful application for iPhone and iPod touch that shortens URLs so that they can be distributed without worrying about character count limits or line breaks.
  • ShareEverywhere.¬†ShareEverywhere uses the new iOS 8 Sharing functionality so you can save links and images from all your favourite apps to a wide variety of services, all using the same, simple interface.
  • CameraGPS. Inspired by my use of a Digital SLR and wanting to put GPS tags on my images. The app records a GPS trail and geotags photos in your photo library.
  • Rootn Tootn. Baby feed timer and reminders.
  • Quick Calendar. Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, shows a small monthly calendar in the Notification Centre.
  • Glider. It’s the Game of Life for Apple TV.

Not an iOS app, but iOS related, is my Smart App Banner WordPress plugin.

I have a few open source projects available on GitHub.

And my main “waiting for the build” or “waiting for a test to complete” activity at work is Stack Overflow.
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