Los Angeles

The bizarre thing about Los Angeles. No, scrub that. One of the bizarre things about Los Angeles is that it doesn’t really have a distinct centre or downtown area, just a bunch of nearby districts, some more noteworthy than others.

Despite only having a day I think I did pretty well. After a decent brunch I managed to visit Hollywood, including the famous sign1, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In the afternoon I went a little out of town and saw the Getty Museum — not something I would have immediately associated with Los Angeles but well worth a visit in hindsight. And then, on the way back to the airport, I stopped briefly in Venice Beach.

The airport, by the way, is called John Wayne Airport. I guess there are plenty of airports named after people but that one, for some reason, amused me. Does that mean that I didn’t completely internalise the Los Angeles vibe?

  1. I did try to see it the previous evening but it clearly hadn’t been illuminated. []