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Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012

Is wasn’t really my idea. I saw it in the newsagents in Rhodes Town and laughed but I never really thought of actually buying it. The credit for that goes to my wife.

I’ve been posting pictures of each month entry on Twitter and Facebook but I thought it would be nice to group them all together in one post. That’s what you’ll find here.

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, January

“Glory to God, I’m an atheist.”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, February

“What should I say now?”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, March

“So that we don’t forget…”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, April

“This is the life for me!”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, May

“I’m feeling very romantic.”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, June

“I took grandma skiing as well!”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, July

“Shut up and move on!”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, August

“For a bale of hay…”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, September

“Anything for tourism.”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, October

“We said tourism, but not like this!”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, November

“Come again next year!”

Donkeys of Greece Calendar 2012, December

“For a better tomorrow, we’ll talk the day after.”

I’m afraid that there’s no way that we can complete with this in 2013 so we’re not even going to try. I apologise in advance for your disappointment.

My delicious.com bookmarks for February 15th through February 18th

  • Apple’s Three Laws of Developers – The hidden link from sci-fi books to the App Store. Only funny because it's true…
  • Biting the source that feeds you – "Keller, a journalist of unimpeachable accomplishment and stature, just had to trash a guy whose organization has struck the most powerful blow against official secrecy in a generation, somebody who may yet be jailed for what he did, an eccentric but unquestionably transformational media player."

My delicious.com bookmarks for January 15th through January 18th

  • ‘should be cheaper than free’ – "I’m angry at the customers who send me nasty emails or reviews, threatening me with ‘telling Apple to remove it’ or rating it 1 star with a ’should be cheaper than free’ remark because after paying the ridiculously exorbitant 99c, they found it didn’t live up to expectations. "
  • Hurdie Ho! – Maybe you had to be there and read the copy of Your Sinclair that this was originally published in, but this still makes me laugh.
  • Museum looks at 2000-year history of the computer – The Computer History Museum was excellent even before this new exhibit. Recommended.

My delicious.com bookmarks for November 18th through November 19th

  • The religious excuse for barbarity – "No, we don’t respect your desire to needlessly torment animals because some hallucinating desert nomads did it centuries ago. We don’t respect it at all. You can cry that we are “persecuting” you if we stop you committing acts of cruelty if you want."
  • Penn & Teller – Penn (of Penn and Teller fame) protests the new TSA rules.