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    I just can’t figure how to follow all those “improve your productivity” guides. I’m sure you know the ones I mean: they suggest exercising at 6am; or switching off your email and Slack during the day to avoid distractions; or to schedule all your meetings in the mornings; or… Can anyone make those things work?…

  • My delicious.com bookmarks for March 4th through March 7th

    On Apple suing HTC – Like many people, I just don't see Apple's actions here being very constructive. Seems like a waste of money and good will. Curiosity – "Curiosity is one of the most underrated phenomena in the world. It's ironic that people aren't more curious about curiosity. It's a powerful thing."

  • My delicious.com bookmarks for February 7th through February 9th

    These are my links for February 7th through February 9th: The League of Moveable Type – Most free or open source fonts I've seen have been pretty poor but these guys seem to have the right idea. Government plans travel database – "When your travel plans, who you are travelling with, where you are going…