The Mighty Blur

[photopress:boosh3.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Okay, really I’m talking about The Mighty Boosh, but my camera phone doesn’t quite have the resolution to give you much more than a blur…

A few months ago I tried to organise a trip to see The Boosh but despite every indication to the contrary, they had completely sold out. We settled for watching the DVD at a friends house.

On a whim I checked a ticketing website last Friday and there were still tickets available for some new dates that were added. After umming and ahhing over the price for a while I whipped out my credit card.

The show was kind of a mixture of some new material, some “best of” moments from the TV series and a lot of ad-libbing. That’s selling it a bit short. It was a new story but with some familiar elements and some favourite characters. We were pleased to see The Moon (“Neil Armstrong, walking on me face…”) make an appearance.

Basically it’s a programme full of in-jokes. You could go to an Eddie Izzard gig and laugh at pretty much all of it (except any references to Mrs Badcrumble). If you’d not seen the TV show would the phrase “top shelf” make you laugh out loud?

We were laughing pretty much from beginning to end. Recommended.

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