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Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)

I’ve been busy and not had the time to enter the last few PhotoFriday’s, but here I am with an image for the theme “Gold” (always believe in your soul). I have quite a few pictures with bits of gold (you’ve got the power to know) in them, but here, in Kyoto, we have a whole pavilion that’s made of the shiny stuff.

Sorry for the Spandau Ballet puns (you’re indestructible).


Tokyo International Forum

This weeks PhotoFriday challenge is “Lines.” I have a lot of pictures that have lines in them but fairly few where it’s the most prominent feature. My first choice of image was of my old, broken MacBook hard-disk but then I realised that I had already used it for a PhotoFriday last year! So I switched to the above picture, taken in the Tokyo Forum.

Please also vote for my entry in last weeks challenge, “Ride.” I’m entry number 155.