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This weeks PhotoFriday was a tricky one for a couple of reasons. Firstly I don’t have very many pictures of “Children” or even anything child-like. Secondly, most of the pictures that I do have I wouldn’t want to use. Thirdly, most of those that didn’t fall into the previous two categories I’ve already used for previous challenges!

In the end I settled on this image I took in southern Vietnam. I got the impression that they don’t get a huge number of tourists around there. They were very curious of us but also very nervous and wouldn’t come much closer than what you see in the picture.

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Crazy traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam
Crazy traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam

According to my dictionary, “Disorder,” this weeks PhotoFriday theme, means “the disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behaviour.” This image of central Hanoi in Vietnam shows locals on scooters blaring their horns (lack of peace) and zipping all over the road in a display that should be illegal even if it isn’t. There were certainly worse displays of disorder and chaos on Vietnamese roads but I value my life!

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