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The Face

This chap looked after a monastery in Tibet
This chap looked after a monastery in Tibet

I’m not sure how well this image fits the theme of “The Face.” It’s certainly a face, but the face? Still, it’s one of my better early portraits that was not of my family.

He looked after a temple in Tibet. We were expected to tip him on the way out and I didn’t have any change so I ended up having to give a reasonably large denomination note. I decided to get value for money by taking a few pictures.

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Tashilumpo (Tashilhunpo) Monastery, Tibet
Tashilumpo (Tashilhunpo) Monastery, Tibet

Religion seems to be woven into the daily life of Tibetans in a way that seems alien to most Westerners, which made it a mine of possibilities for this weeks PhotoFriday theme.

In the end I settled on this image from Tashilumpo Monastery, one of my favourites from that trip.

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