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New Look

If you’re a regular visitor you will note that the ZX81 has an exciting new look and feel. It has never looked more like a real ZX81. It’s also about as usable as a real ZX81, though it does have more memory available and the wobbly RAM pack is likely to be less of a concern.

I’m currently running it as a one day trial but may extend if popular. Please let me know what you think.


Due to popular demand, I have reverted to the old look-and-feel for ZX81. People seemed to think the new visuals introduced yesterday was an April Fool…

If you missed it, here’s what this page looked like:

How ZX81.org.uk looked yesterday
How ZX81.org.uk looked yesterday

Welcome to 2008

And welcome to the new look ZX81.org.uk! This time I decided to go “back to basics” with a relatively simple, low-graphics theme. Having said that, it’s not quite as basic as things were back in late 1999 when the site first went live ((The Wayback machine only has an entry from August 2000, but the domain was first registered in November 1999 and a minimal placeholder was put up almost immediately.)). It’s less fussy than the old version and should load more quickly for those people not yet on broadband.

The boring details are: I’m using a slightly modified version of Dagon Design’s NightSky theme for WordPress. Other than a fairly extensive set of plugins, changes were to bring the theme in line for tags and to allow a daringfireball-style “linked list” rather than the rather more static del.ic.io.us list I had previously.

In theory I’m not missing anything that was present before but, as with any significant change, there is a chance that I missed something. Please let me know if you spot anything odd.