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Hills over Bergen, Norway

One of the great things about Norway is that you’re never very far from the country-side. Even in Oslo you’re only twenty minutes on the t-bane from Nordmarka. I couldn’t find a picture of that that I was happy with, though, so I went for the above image taken overlooking Bergen (the fjord capital of Norway).

Please also vote for my entry in last weeks challenge, “Human Form.” I’m entry number 165.

Human Form

Statues in Vigeland park, Oslo, Norway.

I’m slightly cheating for this weeks PhotoFriday challenge, “Human Form.” This image is technically not human but it’s confused a few people in the past so I figure it qualifies.

(My main hesitation in using this picture is that I’ve used it twice before. But I like it so I’m sticking with it!)

Please also vote on my entry in last weeks challenge, “Suburbia.” I’m entry number 146.