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Chrysler Building

One thing that distinguishes New York from other large cities is how high it is. Even the small buildings have a dozen floors; they’d be considered quite large even in London. So I thought that a picture from New York, here of the Chrysler Building, would fit the bill for this weeks PhotoFriday theme, “Tall.”

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Empire State Building framed by the Manhattan Bridge, from Booklyn

My first ideas when I first heard that this weeks PhotoFriday theme was “Architecture” was New York. I flirted with other places and ideas — such as the Eiffel Tower and a couple of shots from Vienna — but I kept coming back to the sky-scrapers and bridges of Manhattan. In the end I picked this one because it has Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.

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Chrysler Building

In fact I’m not completely happy with this image, at least for the theme of “Reflect,” which is this weeks PhotoFriday challenge. It’s a reflection but I’m not completely sure that it means “reflect.” But I couldn’t find one (or think of one to take) that would be more appropriate, so here it is. It was taken earlier this year in New York — it’s a reflection of the Chrysler Building in the building across the road from it.

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