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Two Years

What a difference two years makes. Just a little over twenty-four months ago we were awaiting the arrival of our son. To commemorate the occasion we went to the park and took a few pictures. The bump, after all, would be short lived.


Since then we’ve spent a lot of time in the playground where these pictures were taken.


Last week we did the same thing, now that we’re expecting our daughter in a few weeks. Other than the obvious difference — we had a two year old in tow this time — we had a very different time of year and a change of location — Cannizaro House.


With six weeks to go, the bump is quite possibly as big as it was at the end of the last pregnancy. This is unfortunate as last time there was no need to run after a very energetic toddler…


Make that an energetic, wilful and opinionated toddler. This picture is after chasing him around a flower garden for five minutes!


Still, he stays still for a while when something piques his interest. And, in this respect, you can’t get better than a really good stick.


With him suitably distracted, we managed to take a few more pictures. It was a nice, bright February day. The light was great.


And we had a lot of fun taking them. Hopefully it will be good to look back at them in a few years time.


Beautiful colours in the sky this morning #nofilter

I’m afraid that I didn’t have any pictures of vampires for this weeks PhotoFriday theme, “Twilight.” I had to make do with this image, taken on my iPhone from my back garden. (In fact I do have a couple of other pictures that might match the theme better, but I’ve already used them for PhotoFriday before. I decided to use a new picture instead.)

Please also vote for my entry in last weeks challenge, “Female.” I’m entry number 39.

That was 2013

It’s a cliche to ask where the year has gone but it’s no less true this year than any other. Life has got in the way of blogging more than usual — moving house, a toddler, work — with only 23 posts this year and only one of those making my “most read” list.

Talking of which, these are the most read blogs this year:

  1. iOS Developer Program: from individual to company
  2. iPhone Dev: Saving State
  3. Do Apple take 40% in the EU?
  4. AQGridView to UICollectionView
  5. Old Fashioned

Probably my favourite blog of the year was “What to do?” but I ├é┬áposted it a little too late to get the readership that I would have liked.

I’m surprised that it’s my more technical posts that have had the greatest readership as, in general, I don’t write very many of them. Maybe I should look to do more of that next year? But with a toddler running around and another baby on the way I largely suspect that 2014, on the blogging front, will look a lot like this year.