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My delicious.com bookmarks for December 9th through December 13th

My delicious.com bookmarks for December 6th through December 7th

  • This case must not obscure what WikiLeaks has told us – Another good piece about WikiLeaks. The news about Assange is starting to obscure the real news.
  • Live with the WikiLeakable world or shut down the net. It’s your choice. – "What WikiLeaks is really exposing is the extent to which the western democratic system has been hollowed out. In the last decade its political elites have been shown to be incompetent; corrupt; or recklessly militaristic. And yet nowhere have they been called to account in any effective way. Instead they have obfuscated, lied or blustered their way through. And when, finally, the veil of secrecy is lifted, their reflex reaction is to kill the messenger."

My delicious.com bookmarks for August 7th through August 15th

My delicious.com bookmarks for August 3rd through August 6th

  • UK ID Card Technology Cloned… – "… in 12 minutes." Wonder when the government will get the message that ID cards are a bad idea. Oh, and there's no such thing as unforgeable.
  • The hidden truth behind drug company profits – "The idea of ring-fencing life-saving medical knowledge so a few people can profit from it is one of the great grotesqueries of our age. We have to tear down this sick system – so the sick can live." Big companies and the patent system effectively kill the poorest and most vulnerable people.
  • Bodega – Interesting idea: an app store for the Mac. Not run by Apple and hence no crazy review process!

My delicious.com bookmarks for May 6th through May 8th

  • Apple drawing 3.0 line in the sand for iPhone developers – This can only mean that the release is getting pretty close. And, significantly, that the APIs are stabilising — I had to rewrite almost everything I did with the first beta when the latest version of the developer kit came out.
  • DNA Database Doublecross – "Yet again this government shows its deep contempt for international courts, and demonstrates its profoundly cynical belief that the innocent simply haven't been proved guilty yet."
  • Jacqui Smith enlists high street help for ID cards scheme – Doesn't using high street shops to make ID cards make it substantially less secure? Wasn't the whole point that ID cards were an unbreakable scheme? This just gets worse and worse.

My delicious.com bookmarks for March 23rd through March 30th

  • A thought experiment – "This presents a problem for customers who are still running the 2.2.1 firmware: they can’t get your fix until they upgrade to the 3.0 firmware."
  • U.S. support for Detroit would buy 50 million Tata Nanos – "What else might we do with $100 billion in this industry? Assuming that we could get a wholesale price of $2000 per car, that’s enough to buy 50 million four-passenger 54 mpg Tata Nanos. The fuel savings from driving Nanos to the 7-11 instead of monster SUVs would save taxpayers $100 billion every year."
  • Right to privacy broken by a quarter of UK's public databases, says report – "The report, Database State by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, says that more than half of Whitehall's 46 databases and systems have significant problems with privacy or effectiveness, and could fall foul of a legal challenge." And people wonder why I'm against ID cards and internet snooping laws.