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Chinese New Year, 2010

I’ve missed the New Year celebrations on the 31st December for about fifteen years now so it’s getting beyond the point where you could consider it an accident. Indeed, the cold and the crowds both in Trafalgar Square and afterwards on the Tube don’t exactly encourage me to make an effort. Luckily Chinese New Year is at a more civilised time, is less busy and slightly warmer.

Still, it’s the first time I’ve ever made it!

The crowd was pretty diverse, with people wearing everything from Vans to colourful umbrellas to traditional Chinese outfits. (Well, I think.)

The main stage had a constant flow of dance and music, and between acts these two women provided banter.

Many in the crowds has purchased mini-drums and dragons from the many vendors found a short walk away in Leicester Square. Kids (of all ages) entertained themselves throwing caps to the ground to make them go “bang.”

After soaking in the atmosphere for a while I headed out of Trafalgar Square into Leicester Square and towards China Town. Lanterns were everywhere!

Overall, it was a nice way to spend an otherwise dark and grey February afternoon.

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