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My delicious.com bookmarks for July 5th through July 6th

  • Turnabout is fair play – "This is so wonderfully, evilly devious. Superficially, it seems to support creationist methods—but what it actually is is a grand reductio ad absurdam."
  • Google’s Business Model – Who is the customer and what is the product? (via @daringfireball)
  • Björk: ‘Manchester is the prototype’ – "Biophilia is the Icelandic singer's new project – the word means 'love of living things' – and promises to push the envelope so far you'll need the Hubble telescope to see it."

My delicious.com bookmarks for December 24th through January 4th

My delicious.com bookmarks for September 19th through September 21st

My delicious.com bookmarks for July 23rd through July 29th

  • Urbanized – After Helvetica and Objectified, Gary Hustwit's next documentary is about the design of cities. "Urbanized looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design, featuring some of the world's foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers." Can't wait.
  • 8-Bit Cities – This is awesome: maps of cities in the style of 1980's video games.
  • iPhone 4 – Case Program – I've not had any reception problems with mine but I'm not one to pass up free stuff…

My delicious.com bookmarks for May 16th through May 25th

My delicious.com bookmarks for March 31st through April 2nd