Ireland, 2000

Ireland, as I’m sure you know, is a small country in the north west of Europe. It is famed for it’s glorious landscape and frequent and heavy precipitation. We were fairly luck, but we did get very wet on more than one occasion!

We started in Dublin, headed down to Cork via Cashel, up to Killarney and then back to Dublin through Limerick, Killaloe and Kildare. The location of most pictures has been noted.

The pictures of Limerick were actually taken in October 1999, but it didn’t seem worth putting them on a separate page.

Click the small pictures below for a full size version.

[photopress:iref206-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref211-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref214-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref216-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:iref105-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref106-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref102-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref107-3.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:iref221-3.jpg,thumb] [photopress:iref225-3.jpg,thumb]

If the pictures have piqued your interest, there are a few web sites that you might want to visit: