Hungary, Romania and Croatia, 2004

This one came up at pretty short notice. A friend (that I know from my time in Norway) was working in Budapest and suggest that I come and visit. Not an opportunity I was going to pass on!

It was too cold to spend all my time sightseeing outside in Budapest, so we hired a car with the intention of driving to Dracula’s castle in Romania. Unfortunately that was a bit too far away, especially when it started snowing, so we switched plans and decided, instead, to see some of the less well known parts of the country. In the end we also got to see a little of Romania and Croatia too!

Click the small pictures below for a full size version.

[photopress:hunf007.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf015.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf016.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf041.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:hunf044.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf050.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf055.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf059.jpg,thumb]
[photopress:hunf064.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf067.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf075.jpg,thumb] [photopress:hunf081.jpg,thumb]

All pictures here have been taken on my EOS300D with the 18-55mm lens. Many of the outdoor pictures were taken using a polarising filter.

If the pictures have piqued your interest, there are a few resources that you might want to have a look out for:

It’s also worth noting that I was preparing to use a joke based on lack of food, goulash and the country name. You’ll be pleased to hear that I restrained myself.