The Big Day

[photopress:thumb_DSCN0018.jpg,thumb,alignleft]The truth is that I don’t normally blog about very personal things. However, occasionally something happens that’s so big or different that you have to break convention, and this is one of them.

Last Friday I got married!

For various reasons we did this in New York, dragging most of our relatives three thousand miles from home. Everyone made it and I think a good day was had by all. We even managed to get a little sight-seeing in too. None of my family had been to New York before, in fact I’m the only one that had been out of Europe!

My wife — it’s going to take a while before I get used to saying that — has been mentioned a few times on here before (as “B”) and, well, we’ve grown very close, “inseparable” according to one friend. We were introduced by our mutual friend, M. After unsuccessfully attempting to get us to meet in a pub in April she tried again in July, inviting us both around hers for a weekend vegging out, watching movies.

This weekend went well and we soon agreed to meet again. A number of further encounters ensued. A couple of months later M was so pleased that things were going well that she blogged about us:

I knew theirs was a meaningful and deep union when we were casually drinking Starbucks one night and [B] almost fainted when she caught a sight of a new iPod nano and [S] joined in the drool over miniature toy. Let’s just say… Apple brought them together against the PC users.

[photopress:DSCN0038.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Although she insists on using a Vaio we’re all still close. Unfortunately she was back in Croatia and couldn’t make my Stag Do. (Yes, it was mixed. Many, if not most, of my friends are female. Not to be outdone in the “unconventional” stakes, B is having her Hen Night in a couple of weeks, i.e., after the wedding.)

To celebrate the end of my days as a single man, my friends organised a trip on the London Eye. A big Thank You to A for volunteering to organise it and herding my other friends around in a slew of emails; to C for the glitter and balloons at the restaurant, and for her persistence in getting R to come up to London for the night; and to everyone else for coming.