A few days ago when I drive to Poppi I saw signs for Rufina and Borgo San Lorenzo. Today I decided to head for the latter and stop off in the former.


First stop was the Vine and Wine Museum, which I found at the end of this long row of tall trees.

After the last few days of rain I was annoyed with myself to be so relieved to get out of the hot, bright sun. Inside there were tables littered with leaflets publicising local events, wine tasting tours and the museum itself. In the distance were murmuring voices but by the entrance, near the tills where you’d expect someone to be taking tourists money, there was no-one.

[photopress:IMG_4915.jpg,thumb,alignleft]I thumbed through a couple of leaflets. I assumed someone would appear shortly.


Next a pamphlet about para-gliding something that, as anyone who knows me will tell you, is not exactly my cup of tea. Then art appreciation. Horse riding. And wine tasting. The next was actually in Italian and so have no idea what it was about.

Eventually I get bored and I cast off my English reserve in order to find someone to pay, or at least manage to sneak around and not find someone to pay.


The Vine and Wine Museum is, well, exactly what it says on the tin. The exhibits show a whole host of vine growing implements, from hoes to watering-cans, and then moves onto the wine making process. The text was all in Italian, so if there was an explanation of why they put their wine bottles in a straw basket — fiascos — I couldn’t read it.

Back out in the sun I take a wander around the rest of the town. As with pretty much everywhere in this part of Italy, it’s attractive and charming


In the end I found that there was much more in Rufina than I was expecting and I never made it as far as Borgo San Lorenzo. (Sorry if you found this page after Googling for Borgo San Lorenzo. I couldn’t really tell you in advance without spoiling the story.)