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Like most people, most of my photography tends to happen when I travel. I do like to branch out from time to time though, this time into portrait photography. This picture is from my first (and currently only) experience in a studio and is of a model called Lena. She was professional, fun and very keen on motor racing.

This is a cropped version of the original. I usually use the full-size, black and white version which is not suitable for work.

Margaret Coetzer


The story behind this is that I found this classified ad on the Internet and on a whim decided to reply:

This is a bit weird, but my boyfriends’ 21st is in 3 weeks and Ive bought a nurse outfit to surprise him in…we thought it might also be a good idea if I could get some pics taken and put something together for good old memories’ sake…. No porn, just sexy, FHM kind of pics….

As the only person to show evidence that I could take photographs I got the “gig.”