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My delicious.com bookmarks for April 14th through April 17th

  • Three Cheers for Afghan Women – it's a little depressing to think that, as the article notes, this is actually progress.
  • Audio slideshow: Sir Clement Freud – I only really know Clement Freud for his contribution to Just A Minute. I remember that I wasn't sure what to make of him when I first heard his lists and slow, deliberate delivery, but that changed pretty quickly. It won't be the same without him.
  • Laptop Hunters: Homeless Frank – If you've not seen Microsoft's new adverts this probably won't make much sense. If you have, you'll realise that Frank's analysis of the PCs is more nuanced that the supposedly "real" people in the original videos.

My delicious.com bookmarks for April 6th through April 12th

  • Objectified – New documentary from the people that gave you Helvetica. Looks interesting.
  • Georgia recalls Soviet crackdown – I visited ten years after this. It's a really beautiful country and such a shame that it keeps descending into civil war or getting into a scuffle with its northern neighbour.
  • Odds of Dying in a Terrorist Attack – "You are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist." Maybe the government should start protecting us from the police instead? (via Kottke.org)

My delicious.com bookmarks for March 2nd through March 10th

My delicious.com bookmarks for February 9th through February 11th

My delicious.com bookmarks for January 16th through January 19th

  • 6 days to stop MPs concealing their expenses – I'm appalled that they're trying to stop the public finding out how they're spending our money! How about some accountability?
  • Yummy 2.0 Quick Overview – New version of my iPhone delicious.com client. Lots of new features, including a web preview, integration with various Twitter clients, view by tag, improved search, streamlined bookmark editing… the list goes on!
  • If you’ve nothing to hide… – Double standards from MPs. Who'd have thought?

My del.icio.us bookmarks for December 17th through December 30th

  • Market Yourself An iParadigm – "The part I love the most is that the people making the 'just market your app!' comment have no real idea how much effective marketing costs. Oh sure, you can go far on viral and word-of-mouth marketing, but it all pales in comparison to even a small banner graphic in the App Store." Making your application visible is hard.
  • Matthew Alexander on Torture – Nice examples of why torture doesn't work. Worth reading the linked articles.
  • Robbery suspect left his address – "Chicago police have arrested a man who allegedly robbed a bank using a threatening note written on the back of his own pay cheque." Brilliant.
  • Reliving Cuba's revolution – Interesting to see this on "film." They wouldn't let us take cameras up there when I visited in 2004. (Plenty of other pictures of Cuba on ZX81.org.uk though!)
  • What Carriers Aren’t Eager to Tell You About Texting – "Once one understands that a text message travels wirelessly as a stowaway within a control channel, one sees the carriers’ pricing plans in an entirely new light." I worked on text messaging software back in the late nineties and, at least for GSM, is absolutely true.
  • Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings', Culture Secretary says – "Giving film-style ratings to individual websites is one of the options being considered, [Andy Burnham, British Culture Secretary confirms]." The government still seems not to understand how the internet works. If implemented, this will basically result in a system that's easy to circumvent and is paid for with higher ISP connection fees. We all lose.
  • Happy Birthday Earthrise – "Oh, my God! Look at that picture over there! Isn't that something…" Still very much awe-inspiring even forty years later.
  • Fearless: Apple's Macworld Expo exit is part of its DNA – "In Apple's estimation, the best time to kill off a successful product or brand is 'as soon as possible.' Dropping a winner means creating a new winner to replace it, and that's exactly what Apple has decided it must do to be successful: create great new products again and again."
  • If programming languages were religions… – Apparently I'm into Voodoo and Taoism…