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Nine Best Posts of 2010

I didn’t think that I had blogged very much this year, but now that I look back over it seems that I’ve done quite well. There have only been a few PhotoFriday challenges that I’ve missed and I’ve managed a fair few travel and even the odd technical blog.

None of this years blogs have done especially well in terms of page impressions but here are a few that I liked for various reasons.

In terms of travel, I had more than my fair share of problems. A trip to Turkey was cancelled at the last minute due to the infamous ash cloud. A strike very nearly meant that we didn’t get to New York for a wedding. And a heavy work schedule and a new job meant that my annual November trip was in jeopardy.

  • Salisbury. Not quite as glamorous as Istanbul, but given the lemons of the ash cloud I thought we did pretty well with the lemonade of Wiltshire1
  • Paris. I spent quite a lot of time in Paris this year so I had to include the post about it
  • New York. Like Paris, I’d been to New York before. There’s something to be said for “hanging out” in a city that you (vaguely) know

For me there’s a thin line between “photography” and “travel” blogs but I do occasionally post images that are not directly connected to a trip.

  • Early Snow. This year has been book-ended by heavy snow. I should be getting good at taking pictures of it by now…
  • Corked. I like this because it’s very simple but effective, and not the kind of thing that I normally do
  • The Perils of Working from Home. As with the above, I often get ideas but don’t find the time to actually implement them. This one took longer than you’d imagine but I thought it was quite funny. Yes, I should probably get out more

And, finally, there were even some slightly more technical posts.

  • What is “polish”? I wish more people would understand that there’s more to a good iOS application that pretty icons and slick animations
  • Delicious Debrief. This five part post allowed me to vent my frustration over Yahoo!s handling of some changes they implemented late last year
  • Communication. I had this post in draft form for several years, but I couldn’t figure out how to finish it. I’m not sure this is the best post I’ve ever written but I include it here because I did eventually get it out the door!

I’d also like to add honourable mentions to my Sleeping Japanese and Saving State posts. And, finally, a big thank you to you for reading.

  1. Not sure that works but you know what I mean. []


Imperial Palace, Tokyo

At the beginning of October I visited Japan for the first time. I landed in Tokyo, travelled out to Mount Fuji and then west to Nagano Prefecture, finally heading back to Tokyo via Kyoto and Nara. It was a lot to try to pack in to two weeks but it worked out pretty well all things considered.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be documenting in words and pictures my trip, focusing mainly on the locations but with odd entry about the things that seemed constant throughout my time there.

Speaking of constants, I picked the above image to front this series of posts because it seems to combine both elements of the historic and the modern, a motif that was present throughout the trip in many different forms.

My delicious.com bookmarks for August 5th through August 11th

  • The origins of abc – "We will begin where civilisation began, meander through the Middle Ages, race through the Renaissance, and in doing so discover where our alphabet originated, how and why it evolved, and why, for example, an A looks, well, like an A."
  • Icelander’s Campaign Is a Joke, Until He’s Elected – This is brilliant. "A polar bear display for the zoo. Free towels at public swimming pools. A “drug-free Parliament by 2020.” Iceland’s Best Party, founded in December by a comedian, Jon Gnarr, to satirize his country’s political system, ran a campaign that was one big joke. Or was it?"

My delicious.com bookmarks for June 23rd through July 20th

My delicious.com bookmarks for June 17th through June 22nd

My delicious.com bookmarks for June 2nd through June 6th

  • iPad App Pricing – Nice analysis of iPad and iPhone application pricing.
  • The Value of Ideas – "Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything." Or actions speak louder than words.
  • The IBM Muppet Show – "IBM. The Muppets. Two venerable institutions-but not ones we tend to associate with each other. Yet in the late 1960s, before most people had ever seen a computer in person or could identify a Muppet on sight, the two teamed up when IBM contracted with Jim Henson for a series of short films designed to help its sales staff."