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My delicious.com bookmarks for April 28th through May 3rd

My delicious.com bookmarks for April 22nd through April 25th

  • American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse – Who doesn't love a good mystery?
  • The Holy Faceble: Genesis:1-2 – The more I learn about Facebook, the less I want to join. Same with this god stuff.
  • Rejected. – "It’s just frustrating when the problems crop up, because compared to nearly everything else about the whole setup, the problems seem so arbitrary, avoidable, and developer-hostile. For instance, this problem wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating if approval, even for minor updates to established apps, took less than 7-14 days." Not that I'm bitter than a minor update to Yummy recently got rejected or anything…

My delicious.com bookmarks for April 14th through April 17th

  • Three Cheers for Afghan Women – it's a little depressing to think that, as the article notes, this is actually progress.
  • Audio slideshow: Sir Clement Freud – I only really know Clement Freud for his contribution to Just A Minute. I remember that I wasn't sure what to make of him when I first heard his lists and slow, deliberate delivery, but that changed pretty quickly. It won't be the same without him.
  • Laptop Hunters: Homeless Frank – If you've not seen Microsoft's new adverts this probably won't make much sense. If you have, you'll realise that Frank's analysis of the PCs is more nuanced that the supposedly "real" people in the original videos.

My delicious.com bookmarks for February 26th through February 28th

My delicious.com bookmarks for January 14th through January 15th