London Bridge

For most of the last year I have been in an office with no natural light. Well, I say office. It was really a conference room with a dozen of us crammed in, two to a desk in my case. Cables everywhere; at one point they almost shut the project room down for health and safety violations.

But — getting to the point — a couple of months ago we moved. And not only was there natural light but I got a window seat. And what a view.

Rush hour pedestrians on London Bridge

I look down right over London Bridge. Shortly after I get to work I see a non-stop mass of people crossing the bridge from the train and tube station. There are a few gaps in this image — taken with my rarely used 300mm lens — which takes away some of the effect. From 8.30 to about 9.00 it would probably have been non-stop (but I had a job to do).

I can also see The Shard.

The Shard

It’s not to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s a great building. At least from a distance… I’ve not been in it yet.

And, with the Olympics still on, there are still a lot of Union Jacks around, including on the very building that I work in. Luckily, many of the nearby blocks are made of glass and work handily as a mirror.

Reflection of my office

This was a much easier option that asking security guards to let me in to take a few pictures…

But whatever you think of the view, you have to think that it’s better than what I had before.