Lego Ferrari

Christmas Lego

A few people asked me what I wanted for Christmas. As ever I couldn’t think of anything and facetiously suggested a Ferrari. Apparently even toy models are more expensive than you’d think but a red Lego car is within range for a joke gift, and that’s absolutely fine by me! I loved Lego as a kid, and I still do!

But if one toy is good then two are better. So I had to play with my new Lego and my new flash together.

Christmas Lego

Just because I could more than anything else, I use my 50D’s internal flash in conjunction with my off-camera flash in slave mode. (Slave mode means that it detects when another flash goes off and also fires. Clever stuff.)

I could move the off-camera flash around. The top picture I was hand holding the flash above and slightly to the side. I didn’t quite get the depth of field right. For the bottom one I was deliberately going for the “blinded by a huge truck” look. The light at the back is the off-camera flash firing directly at the sensor, albeit on fairly low power.

So, fun times. And if not actually better than a real Ferrari then far more practical. If nothing else, I wouldn’t be able to get a Ferrari out of our parking space most of the time!