It seems that the weather is not without a sense of irony ((Nod to The Matrix with that line of course.)). In the year that is the hottest on record, in the UK we’re having a very early cold snap, complete with snow.

Footprints in Colliers Wood snow

I did think that it was all archive footage, since the papers were full of coverage yet there was no snow at all in London. And then this morning the pavements were covered. When I went out for a bite to eat at lunchtime I took my camera with me…

Colliers Wood snow

By early afternoon the snow was becoming quite heavy and was settling.

Climbing Frame in Colliers Wood snow

The park was mostly monochrome, with the grey sky and snow, but there was still the occasional splash of colour in the play ground…

Coiled cat in Colliers Wood snow

…and in peoples shoes.

Colliers Wood snow

Unable to feel my toes and fully stocked with lunch and dinner, I went back home. I’ve not been out since. It’s warm here.


One response to “Early Snow”

  1. Really like the one of the playground equipment with the slide in it. The geometric lines, and the bright colours against the more muted wood/snow, really appeal to me.