My bookmarks for January 21st through January 22nd

  • NetNewsWire and iPhone-Sized Data – "Lesson learned: It’s not enough for an iPhone app to sport an iPhone-optimized user interface. It needs iPhone-sized data, too." I agree with this in principle but I've been thinking how I'd apply it to my iPhone application, Yummy, and coming up with a blank. How can you decide in advance which bookmarks you'll want to see? Most recent? Those with a particular tag? I can't think of an option other than 'all.'
  • The Inauguration of President Barack Obama – In case you're not sick of the inauguration already, here are some great images of the day.
  • Gordon Brown withdraws plan to keep details of MPs' expenses secret – "The PM said proposals for reforms of MPs' expenses would provide 'more transparency' than in most other parliaments around the world." I'm not convinced that this is a standard we should aspire to. Let's face it, our parliament is more open that North Korea and less tyrannical than Iran's but really that's not much of an achievement.