My bookmarks for April 12th through April 14th

  • Mobile Multitasking – "The new way is to rethink the fundamental deal for processes. In the old model, processes that have already been launched get priority — once running, they stay running. In the new model, the user’s intentions get priority. You press the home button, you’re going to see the home screen in a moment, whether the app that was running was ready to be closed or not. If you want to open another app, it’s going to open immediately, even if the system has to pull the plug on an app in the background to free enough RAM."
  • Please Make the iPhone Weather Application Location Aware – As per subject line…
  • iPhone OS 4 and Multitasking – What multitasking on the iPhone really means. It's all kind of moot for me anyway since I can't run OS4 on my first generation iPhone!