My bookmarks for September 19th through September 29th

  • Protect The Human – My favourite charity launches a new website.
  • Artist Builds Temple of Science – "For people who are not practicing scientists, science is a place where certainties are promised and delivered — even if five years later another contradictory certainty is presented."
  • The Cringely Plan – You can argue with the details but Cringely is spot on with regard to what Governments are best at influencing. Directly bailing out Wall Street or The City of London is not it.
  • waffle → Goodwill – The new MS ads don't really work: "most of the Apple ads bring up either real problems that Vista users experience, or real improvements that Macs deliver. Microsoft doesn’t attempt well enough to fix those Vista problems … and they’re not pushing the things Windows can do that Macs can’t. Pointing and saying 'he’s lying; just read this promotional copy and see for yourself' doesn’t seem like a good response."