My bookmarks for October 29th through November 1st

  • E-mail error ends up on road sign – Never use a translation that you don't understand!
  • A third dimension: Ars reviews Photoshop CS4 Extended – "With the tabbed interface, Adobe has clearly reached for the lowest hanging fruit, and it's rotten in every way." The new version of Photoshop is faster and with some neat new features but takes a step back on the Mac UI-wise. But I'll be sticking with PS Elements until I win the lottery…
  • Oct. 29, 1675: Leibniz Sums It All Up – Much of this was discussed in the BBC's recent "Story of Maths" series (well worth seeing). It's fascinating how critical getting the right notation is. Having said that, even the 'right' notation was too hard for me when it came to multiple integration!