My bookmarks for November 3rd through November 7th

  • Smith ID comments 'beggar belief' – I did wonder myself when Smith said that people couldn't wait to get their own ID card. What do they think they're going to do with them? Also regarding the cost: "It is already accepted there are associated costs when people apply for identity documents including driving licenses and passports such as the Post Office's check and send service or costs for photographs." Yes, but those documents give the holder some kind of benefit.
  • Blears attacks political bloggers – Is it any wonder that "people [have] disdain for the political system and politicians" when, as Blears says herself, most MPs are 'career' politicians with little experience of the world that their constituents inhabit. Also (sorry, it's only a short rant) does it not point to a failure in the system when so many people can be aganist ID cards, 42+ day detention, etc, yet the governing party repeatedly tries to push through laws for the same?
  • Brits accolade for Pet Shop Boys – This kind of award normally indicates the end of a career. Hope that's not the case this time!