My bookmarks for December 1st through December 7th

  • Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover – As a general principle I don't appreciate my Internet connection being censored. In this case, two things stand out. Firstly, is this really "child porn"? Secondly, why are connections denied silently? Could they not tell me why the page is being blocked rather than just sever the connection? (I get a generic "could not connect" error message.)
  • MP3 store – DRM-free MP3 music downloads – iTunes finally has a major competitor in the UK. Prices are similar, perhaps a little lower, but the main differentiator is that everything is in MP3 format and DRM-free.
  • Lessons from Mumbai – "Terrorism is rare. If a bunch of men with guns and grenades is all they really need, then why isn't this sort of terrorism more common? Why not in the U.S., where it's easy to get hold of weapons? It's because terrorism is very, very rare."