Windows Mobile 5 on Virgin Mobile UK

When I got my new phone, a HTC P4350, I quickly managed to make and receive phone calls and text messages. I even connected straight to the Internet over WiFi and (slowly) over GPRS. It never occured to me that sending a MMS, a picture message, would be so complicated.

With a “Pow!” and a “Zap!” I asked their technical support people and got the answer. It works in two parts, firstly the GPRS side, which you can find in the Connections tab of the Settings screen:

Virgin GPRS Settings

(In case you can’t read them, the important settings are “”, “user” (no password) and

Once you can make a connection to Virgin you can configure the MMS side of things, which you can find in the “Options” menu of the Messaging application:

Virgin MMS Settings

(Again, important settings are:, “” and “WAP 1.2”.)

And that should do the trick. Happy Multimedia Messaging!

(With thanks to Plasq’s ComicLife for the over-the-top graphics.)

3 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 5 on Virgin Mobile UK”

  1. Thanks a lot. I reckon it was the 100Kb setting that was stopping my MMS uploading or download. it was connecting but wouldn’t get above 0% download. Thanks again.

  2. You just saved my phones life…

    I was using filesaveas settings to no joy, found this guide far more helpful. Cheers.

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