This text is taken from the README and explains what mirror does and why I wrote it:

I think that I must have been looking for the wrong thing. When I restructured my web-site it became difficult to upload changes onto the server. What I needed was a program that copied files to the server. While I could find many programs that mirrored a web-site — copied them from the server — I couldn’t find any to do what I wanted.

Being lazy I started to look at other mirror programs with the intention of modifying them. The best candidate, when I tested it, didn’t actually work (no names!) and others had major creeping featurism. All had restrictive licenses.

So I pulled out ‘Programming Perl’ and started coding my own…

It’s not very big or complex, but it does as it says on the box. And as an added bonus it also downloads, just like all the others.


If you find another program that does the same job (better), let me know, I’d be interested to learn whether or not I wasted my time!