All New!

This week I’ve released updates to all three of my iPhone and iPad apps.

Yummy and Yummy Browser, my client, see the release of a big update: version 2.6.0. It includes a completely new bookmark viewing and editing screen, a new bookmark list view, updates to help syncing reliability and lots of smaller tweaks and updates. It’s the biggest gap between any two major releases but I think is a good one.

The www.cut update is much smaller, but includes the new Facebook API (looks the same!) and some minor aesthetic tweaks.

Hidden, and not mentioned in the release notes for any of the apps, is a crash reporter. Apple do push crash logs into their developer interface, but they do seem to skip some and it only ever happens when users sync their phones to iTunes — something that people seem to be doing less and less. I’ve seen reviews and support mails from people mentioning crashes but not seen the crash reports — which makes it really difficult to diagnose a problem. Hopefully you’ll never see it, but now they’ll prompt you to send the log directly to me after a crash.

However, even with that it’s still worth pinging me a support email if you see something amiss. Firstly, if it doesn’t crash I still won’t see it. And, secondly, the crash reports come without any context. Seeing which line of code is causing a problem is very useful but without knowing how you get there it can be very difficult to correctly diagnose and fix a problem.