Apple Addict

Apple Store 500Like the true Mac obsessive that I am, I was “tuning in” for all the news on todays press event.

Judging by the effect that the coverage is having on the UK store (see screen shot) it seems that I’m not the only one!

First impressions: I like the new iMac. I’m not likely to buy one (since a laptop is powerful enough for all my needs), but the glass/aluminium shell looks great, the new CPUs are fast and the price-points (in the US at least) look reasonable. Not so sure about the keyboard, but I guess it’s just a less mobile version of my MacBooks.

The changes to iWork seem fine. It’s shaping up nicely, but it’s still no Microsoft Office. You still get documents from clients that won’t open in anything else. Shame. And .Mac. Well, it was the price and reliability that made me switch and nothing has changed there.

On the “more likely to buy” list is the new iLife. The organise feature looks a bit like stacks in Aperture, which is neat. The other components I don’t use anywhere near so much.

Overall, it looks like a great way to bring the focus away from the iPhone — which you can’t even get in the UK yet — and back to the Mac.