Year in review: 2011 Edition

I’ve not been quite so active blogging this year due to a number of factors. A case in point: it wasn’t until December that I wrote about my holiday in July and a friends wedding in August!

This meant that the most popular articles were actually written in previous years:

  1. Sophia Smith
  2. Eight Best Computer Books
  3. Installing Oracle 10g on CentOS4
  4. Minolta Dual Scan II
  5. iPhone Dev: Saving State

While I appreciate people visiting, I am continually surprised by the appeal of some of these. Oracle 10g and CentOS 4 are, in software terms, ancient! And the Dual Scan II is more than a decade old — I bought it with my iBook G3 in 2001!

The most read articles that were written this year were:

  1. iOS Developer Program: from individual to company
  2. Do Apple take 40% in the EU?
  3. Programming is Hard
  4. Why you need a crash reporter

Kind of surprising that they were all about iOS development.

And here are a few blogs that I liked writing but, it turns out, people didn’t enjoy reading…