What did you ship in 2010?

I first saw this on Seth Godin’s blog and thought it was a good idea in principle:

This might be a useful exercise. Doesn’t matter whether it was a hit or not, it just matters that you shipped it. Shipping something that scares you (and a lot of what follows did) is the entire point.

It is, however, quite hard for people who don’t live life in public in the same way that Seth does. I’ve spent a lot of the year doing pre-sales work either with clients that don’t like being named or for deals that we lost (and therefore not something a lot of people would want publicised). And now, in my new job, one reading of my contract means that I can’t even send out press releases.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ve not had a pretty productive year. By stretching the definition of “shipped” to include stuff I’ve completed, a quick list for 2010 would be:

  • Two major versions of Yummy and two minor versions
  • One major and one minor version of www.cut
  • A photo-book of a wedding I was photographer at
  • Painted the bathroom ((I can’t claim all the credit for this of course.))
  • A whole heap of custom demos for the Day Job
  • Delivered training courses and workshops with the Day Job
  • An AGM for our freehold management company

Please let me know if I forgot something!

I think that’s a pretty good list for stuff I mostly did in my “spare” time. The list of deliverables for the Day Job would be pretty long if (a) I could list them; and (b) I could remember them all!