We the undersigned

I found the most brilliant website recently. If used as intended it’s a step forward for democracy, making it easier for people to offer their opinion on subjects that matter to them directly to the Prime Minister. And if not, well, it’s entertaining reading.

I first came across some pretty distasteful stuff calling to ban the practising of the Muslim faith in the United Kingdom. Actually, much of the religious stuff was verging on the comedic. For example, Christian’s are being side-lined in British society. Unless you remember that senior members of the church can still be found in the House of Lords.

There was also a call to ban distasteful views (Ban the British National Party). I don’t agree with that one either — free speech means having to hear things you don’t like too — but at least we’re heading in the right direction.

Best of all are the “comedy” petitions. I have sympathy for the proposer of the petition entitled Give single, employed people with no children a break!, although I’d like to add that married couples without children don’t do terribly well on the tax and benefit front either! My favourite, however, has to be the one that starts “We believe that every child in the UK would benefit from owning an elephant.” I don’t think anyone could disagree with that.