The Kaiju Preservation Society

Those with extraordinarily good memories will recall that I read a couple of John Scalzi book a few years ago and enjoyed them (“Redshirts” and “Fuzzy Nation”). In fact, it took me longer to pick up another one of his books than I expected, though, to be fair, when I did it, I did it in style: I bought a “Humble Bundle” of them. “The Kaiju Preservation Society” is the first of that bundle that I’ve read.

There’s not a lot to say, honestly. Put it this way: I’m not regretting buying the bundle. The prose zips along, it’s well written. The world it builds is convincing enough, as are the main characters and the banter between them.

I’m not steeped in the whole Kaiju/Godzilla franchise, so I can’t tell you how authentic it is or if there are any major faux pas for the true fans.

After the main text, there’s a “Author’s Note” where he explains the book’s origins. He practically apologises for it being a fun and entertaining, if not terribly deep, book. From my point of view, no apology is necessary. A very enjoyable read.