So long…

Cornelius Maximus Wilmington the 4th
Cornelius Maximus Wilmington the 4th

This morning a member of the Darlington household passed away quietly in his sleep. Cornelius Maximus Willmington IV was less than a year old. He is survived by our other goldfish, Bob.

Cornelius was never the brightest fish in the bowl, and it’s not like he was up against stiff competition. He often did “Jaws” impressions, his fin breaching the surface of the bowl but terrorising few, and had a tendency to try to eat bubbles rather than the food we fed them every day.

But he was never a well fish. To our surprise, his buoyancy problem is a well known condition. We tried to feed him green peas — the rather odd sounding solution — but Bob would normally get to them first, even if it required pushing Cornelius out of the way and swallowing half a pea at a time.

He’ll be missed. As B said, “Swim off to better places, little dude .”