Reading 2022

I’ve been working from home for five years. I started well before the pandemic and, like many who have tried it, would have a hard time going back to an office full time. However, I used to spend my commute reading. In those years I have not managed to consistently find time to just sit and read.

What I’m saying is that 2022, from a book reading perspective, has gone not got well, even worse than 2021! I have only completed four books. I enjoyed two of them, the other two were a bit meh. Not actually bad but I wouldn’t say that they justified their word count.

Next year I am, possibly masochistically, sticking with a target of twelve books. I hope I can do better, even though history suggests I won’t. My backlog of reading material continues to grow and they are not going to read themselves.

At the same time, I am migrating from the Amazon-owned Good Reads to community-owned BookWyrm, which is federated like Mastodon. I’m here if you want to follow my progress.