Parkrun 100

Recently I laced up my Brooks Glycerin and took the Tube a couple of stops north to run my one-hundredth Parkrun. I deliberately picked Tooting Common, as that’s where I ran my first back in May 2018. I only just arrived in time – missing a milestone shout-out – but otherwise, there was no drama, only the satisfaction in achieving it.

My previous milestone run didn’t go as smoothly. I ran my 49th on the first of February 2020. Work and weather conspired against me for a few weeks. Then as I was ready for run 50, COVID hit properly, and Parkrun was cancelled until mid-20211.

As nice as the milestones are, the real achievement for me is that I’ve kept running all this time. I don’t think I’ve ever had an exercise regime that I’ve kept up for so long and so consistently.

  1. The last in 2020 was on 14 March. The next didn’t occur until 31 July 2021. Having avoided getting COVID, it took a couple of months before I was comfortable going back to running in big groups.] ↩︎