Nine Best Posts of 2010

I didn’t think that I had blogged very much this year, but now that I look back over it seems that I’ve done quite well. There have only been a few PhotoFriday challenges that I’ve missed and I’ve managed a fair few travel and even the odd technical blog.

None of this years blogs have done especially well in terms of page impressions but here are a few that I liked for various reasons.

In terms of travel, I had more than my fair share of problems. A trip to Turkey was cancelled at the last minute due to the infamous ash cloud. A strike very nearly meant that we didn’t get to New York for a wedding. And a heavy work schedule and a new job meant that my annual November trip was in jeopardy.

  • Salisbury. Not quite as glamorous as Istanbul, but given the lemons of the ash cloud I thought we did pretty well with the lemonade of Wiltshire ((Not sure that works but you know what I mean.))
  • Paris. I spent quite a lot of time in Paris this year so I had to include the post about it
  • New York. Like Paris, I’d been to New York before. There’s something to be said for “hanging out” in a city that you (vaguely) know

For me there’s a thin line between “photography” and “travel” blogs but I do occasionally post images that are not directly connected to a trip.

  • Early Snow. This year has been book-ended by heavy snow. I should be getting good at taking pictures of it by now…
  • Corked. I like this because it’s very simple but effective, and not the kind of thing that I normally do
  • The Perils of Working from Home. As with the above, I often get ideas but don’t find the time to actually implement them. This one took longer than you’d imagine but I thought it was quite funny. Yes, I should probably get out more

And, finally, there were even some slightly more technical posts.

  • What is “polish”? I wish more people would understand that there’s more to a good iOS application that pretty icons and slick animations
  • Delicious Debrief. This five part post allowed me to vent my frustration over Yahoo!s handling of some changes they implemented late last year
  • Communication. I had this post in draft form for several years, but I couldn’t figure out how to finish it. I’m not sure this is the best post I’ve ever written but I include it here because I did eventually get it out the door!

I’d also like to add honourable mentions to my Sleeping Japanese and Saving State posts. And, finally, a big thank you to you for reading.