His Master’s Voice

Radio 4 RecordingLast night we went to see the recording of a new BBC Radio 4 comedy programme called “His Master’s Voice.” It’s the first time that I’ve ever been to the Drill Hall (on Chennies Street in London) although I’ve heard many broadcasts of “Just A Minute” that were recorded there.

The programme itself is a political satire set in the offices of “The Blue Touch Paper,” the weekly magazine for the thinking Tory. I don’t want to give too much of the story away because I want you to tune in when it airs in July!

The script was pretty good, with a good number of laugh-out-loud moments, especially in the second episode. Afterwards we were debating whether that was just because we were more familiar with the material or not. It was also interesting to see some of the production process as they had to re-record some lines at the end of each of the two episode we saw. Even we were not blameless as at the end our applause was so loud that it crashed the end credits!

As we bundled into Goodge Street tube station to escape the May rain and head home, we saw about half of the main cast ahead of us. B shouted “Good Show!” but I don’t think they heard. An unusual end to a fun evening. Thanks for getting the tickets, C!