Castellina in Chianti

After leaving Monteriggioni I aim the car towards Castelline in Chianti, an area well known for its wineries.

And, well, I passed a few. After they thinned out I did a U-turn and went back to the first one which looked the most promising. From the road there was a long, straight line of trees either side of the drive up to the farm house at the end. It was a bumpy drive and I pulled in next to a couple of other waiting cars. I got out and strolled towards the entrance.


All the doors, however, were closed. I hear conversation and laughing inside but there was no external sign of life.

Another car arrived while I was looking around. I conveyed the little information that I had, and the couple in the car decided to look in a barn on the other side of the car park. If it’s possible, that looked even less open than the farm house.


So lacking any opportunity to learn about, taste or purchase wine, I took a few pictures and returned to the car. Not my most successful visit of the day.