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Beautiful colours in the sky this morning #nofilter

I’m afraid that I didn’t have any pictures of vampires for this weeks PhotoFriday theme, “Twilight.” I had to make do with this image, taken on my iPhone from my back garden. (In fact I do have a couple of other pictures that might match the theme better, but I’ve already used them for PhotoFriday before. I decided to use a new picture instead.)

Please also vote for my entry in last weeks challenge, “Female.” I’m entry number 39.

Best of 2013

London Bridge Commuters

It’s always hard to pick the best picture for a whole year (“Best of 2013“). How can a single image capture the whole year?

Really I would have to include a picture of my son, as much of the year feels like it’s been chasing after him, trying to stop him fearlessly leaping off tall and dangerous things. But I didn’t feel that any single image captured that.

Instead, this is a quick snapshot taken on my iPhone on the way to work one day. It’s amazing both how far cameras on phones have come in the last fews years (and this isn’t even the latest or greatest any more) and how a bit of luck can have great results.

London Bridge

For most of the last year I have been in an office with no natural light. Well, I say office. It was really a conference room with a dozen of us crammed in, two to a desk in my case. Cables everywhere; at one point they almost shut the project room down for health and safety violations.

But — getting to the point — a couple of months ago we moved. And not only was there natural light but I got a window seat. And what a view.

Rush hour pedestrians on London Bridge

I look down right over London Bridge. Shortly after I get to work I see a non-stop mass of people crossing the bridge from the train and tube station. There are a few gaps in this image — taken with my rarely used 300mm lens — which takes away some of the effect. From 8.30 to about 9.00 it would probably have been non-stop (but I had a job to do).

I can also see The Shard.

The Shard

It’s not to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s a great building. At least from a distance… I’ve not been in it yet.

And, with the Olympics still on, there are still a lot of Union Jacks around, including on the very building that I work in. Luckily, many of the nearby blocks are made of glass and work handily as a mirror.

Reflection of my office

This was a much easier option that asking security guards to let me in to take a few pictures…

But whatever you think of the view, you have to think that it’s better than what I had before.